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Lama Yeshe’s Instructions

From the Introduction by Adele Hulse, Big Love author:

“Lama Yeshe left instructions about the kind of biography he wanted written after his death:

‘My history, you should pool all information since Zina. All teachings, all ordinations, all refuge ceremonies. Where and how many people. All public lectures and question answer sessions, where and how many people. Also I want historical what happened each Centre.

‘First time hospital, Kopan, Shanti Bhawan, English Doctor there – Anila  Ann knows. He said: “Even you have one million dollars you never fix up your body, you can’t.”  Then in 1974 something with Nick in Madison. Geshe Sopa pushed for examination. All doctors freaked out. I want time, date, all history. I saw one famous Australian doctor, Yeshe Khadro knows. Then next year back in Madison he does not know why I am not dead.

‘What I did in Western world with Western people – all teachings, all business. Give Universal Education history, first with Max Mathews years ago, finally Connie Miller did.

‘Give history on all meditation courses, how many people, how did, where did, strict retreat etc. How many people have great experience.’

I spent nearly eighteen years working on this book – I could have easily spent much longer. Nevertheless, it is a beginning.  I believe there will be further biographies of Lama Thubten Yeshe, because his place in the establishment of Tibetan Buddhism in the West is so important. As several of his peers have said: no other monk of the Gelug lineage, besides His Holiness the Dalai Lama, has done more to spread the profound teachings and practices of Tibetan Buddhism.”

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