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Dharma Wisdom

From 1967: Thubten Yeshe Meets a Russian Princess by Adele Hulse, Big Love author:

With his quick ear for the hippie idiom, Thubten Yeshe put it simply: “I was a drop-out geshe!”

Later, when better able to express himself in English, he said, “I left Tibet with nothingness. Who helped me? My mum was not there, my bed was not there, all my comforts were not there. But Dharma wisdom explained everything to me. Really, I have no higher realizations, but personally, I am very happy the Chinese caused me to leave. I could have created an incredible attachment fantasy with my life with titled names and other ridiculous things. But it’s fanciful; it would have meant nothing. The Chinese pushing me out made me develop much more strength. Up to the twenty-fifth year of my life, I was incredibly taken care of in such good conditions, compared to Western people. But if you actualize your understanding of the nature of Buddhadharma for just ten minutes every day, it is really worthwhile and keeps you laughing, rather than just being restless.”

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