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Lama Yeshe… by Lama Zopa Rinpoche

From the Foreword by Lama Zopa Rinpoche:

“Lama has those very high attainments but never shows people. How he shows outside is that when business people come he appears that way; when he meets children he behaves exactly like them and plays. He manifests exactly according to whatever kind of people come. It makes everybody happy when you do that. It is so very skillful. Really it is Buddha nature guiding and manifesting to the sentient beings. Buddhas manifest to the pretas as pretas and guide them in that form. They also manifest as animals and nagas to benefit those beings. Buddhas can be in the form of children, beggars, right people, kings, even spirits. Just because you see an ordinary being does not mean it is not Buddha. You can’t really tell who is Buddha or not when you go on the street. Buddha can be anywhere. It is amazing, unbelievable. Lama manifested in those ways.

For many years Lama used to read all sorts of texts, practice and write every day, as well as giving teachings late at night and advice to all those students who had problems. Late at night Lama would write twenty letters or more when Jacie was Lama’s student. Big piles of letters.

Lama is not only the guru showing the path, he is like a father looking after the students’ lives, correcting their behaviour, giving advice and happiness. Not only does Lama show the path to enlightenment, he is everything to the students, like a parent.”

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